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Trying Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) for a shoulder injury!

So I’ve been dealing with the shoulder/neck pain injury since February and although the acute pain of having my rib and clavicle out-of-place has been alleviated by my chiropractor I’m still suffering from chronic nagging pain every day. I’m also experiencing sharp, shooting pains that seem related to stressful situations. Plus I feel that my training is affected and my shoulder development is suffering and how annoying is that!? IN addition to chiro and massage I’ve been taping the area which that seems to help while wearing it but not when it’s off.

Today I had my fist IMS treatment. OMIGOODESS I think it helped! I already feel relief and a strange sensation that my neck is longer. Like my shoulders have dropped away from my ears if you know what I mean. IMS is kind of a combination between acupuncture, dry needling and Western Medicine. It’s done by a physiotherapist with advance training through the Institute for Study and Treatment of Pain out of Vancouver. It was developed over 25 years ago by Dr. Chan Gunn. The practice is using a needle similar to an acupuncture needle is inserted into the shortened (tight) muscle and has a triple effect. It stimulates causing a reflex reaction. It draws blood to the area stimulating the natural healing process and it creates an electrical stimulation in the muscle that initiated healing of the nerve.

The treatment starts off with a thorough exam of your body, spine and movements as well as the areas of concern. Once she is ready to start the treatment she is very clear about what to expect. You don’t really feel the insertion of the needle at all and then it kind of feels like a cramp or charlie horse and then release. The muscle sort of jumps around and then relaxes. It’s pretty wild actually. She finds the areas that need the treatment and moves to each muscle muscles allowing them to cramp and then release. The treatment is followed by icing the area and some gentle exercises.

Apparently I should expect some soreness later tonight and tomorrow and possibly bruising over the next few days but so far I feel better! I have another appointment next week and will keep you guys posted on the progress. I really hope it works because I’m excited to be pain free and so excited to really train my shoulders again!

The name of the therapist I saw is Anne Prendergast and here is a great CTV Live video of her performing the treatment.