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What I made on Sunday Jan 13th

So I’m thinking this could be a regular blog post topic….
I often get asked what’s on my menu. I also have trouble keeping track of ideas and recipes I’ve come up with. My hubby will say ‘add this to the menu’ and it means write this down so you can make it again. I figure these Sunday posts will at least help me keep track so I can look back later and remember a dish plus hopefully helps you with meals too!

In general I spend a few hours on Sundays prepping food for the week. Mainly meals for me to take to work and usually also Sunday’s dinner which is often a roast of some sort or at least something that takes longer then I like to spend during the week.

In terms of my fitness goals and nutrition I’m trying to add some muscle to my frame so you will notice I get to enjoy more carbs lately. How lovely!

Today I made Jamie Eason’s turkey muffins (meatballs) pretty much exactly as they are called for in the recipe (so unlike me!) just subbed quinoa flakes for the oats and cut to 1/3 cup and added more veggies. I steamed some snap peas to go with them.

I also made chicken and beef fajitas. Basically I marinated some chicken breast and beef striploin (I only had 2 chicken breasts thawed and needed more protein so added a beef steak I bought to the mix) in lime juice, chile, garlic, onion powders, sea salt and pepper and a tiny bit of olive oil for about an hour. Then sauteed it and Spanish onion, colored peppers and zucchini. I will eat it with 1/2 a brown rice wrap and a bit of my guacamole for meal 3.

This version of my guac is really quick and easy. It’s just an avocado mixed with sugar free salsa, chipolte spice and some lemon or lime juice.

I prepped my greek yogurt with vanilla protein powder, chia and flax seeds, walnuts, blueberries and cinnamon and I made egg muffins. (1 egg, three egg whites and 1 ounce of Allegro cheese in each muffin hole)

For tonight’s dinner I roasted a chicken and potatoes (those are for my hubby) and made a salad with garlic dijon dressing. I also had some golden beets roasting in there at the same time that I will use for salads during the week.

I attempted to make a clean version of Starbucks Chocolate Cinnamon loaf. The first try looked great and tasted terrible…too much stevia. The 2nd try tasted good but the texture was wrong. I will keep working on it!

I try to multitask my having several items in the oven at once so all of that took about 3 hours.