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What I Made Sunday February 9th

I may have gone a little overboard today…not exactly sure why, maybe the extra coffee I had this afternoon? Lol. My creativity was sparked so I came up with a few new recipes, only trouble is I didn’t write anything down! I have so many recipes already to share with you and I just can’t find enough time in the day to get them written out. I did get my chicken pot pie posted. Check it out, it’s really yummy and so clean.

Today I made a red curried coconut chicken breast using  Thai Kitchen’s Red Curry Paste. It’s one of the only ones I buy because it has no crap in it. Just spices. The sodium is a little high but in my case and most of my clients that’s not an issue. I added coconut milk, fish sauce, spinach and peas to make a bit of a sauce and I’ll have it with brown rice.

I made sweet potato cod fritters. Basically cod and sweet potato with garlic, onion, sea salt and parsley baked until crispy that I’ll have with roasted zucchini rounds and a lemon diion aioli  (an experiment that I created with dijon, lemon oil and apple cider vinegar – hopefully it’s good, stay tuned 😉 )

I made my favorite Jamie Eason turkey burgers for dinner tonight plus extra for the week oh and of course my cheddar spinach egg bites.  I also up a new post workout treat – Banana Chocolate Chip Energy Bites….so easy and only 80 cals each. I’ll try them tomorrow and if they pass the taste test I’ll post the recipe for you.

That’s  it for this weeks meal prep! Phew.



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