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What I Made Sunday July 13th {Meal Prep}

I got a new toy! After years of deliberation I finally bought a high end blender. I did loads of research and ended up deciding to go with the Blendtech. It took a long time to decide but the shape of the vessel was the biggest selling point. Easy to get the good stuff out! I’ve been having so much fun with it. I’ve made ice cream, smoothies, whole juice, nut milk and soups. I may never eat a solid meal again! Just kidding, haha.

On Saturday I made a sugar free, low carb rhubarb protein crisp using my protein apple crisp recipe. It was great! It was pretty tart but you could sweeten it up with a bit of erythritol or some other fruit mixed in if you prefer it sweeter.

While the crisp was baking I threw in a whole butternut squash to cook at the same time. Today I made a big batch of butternut squash soup with the cooked squash, cooked onion, hemp seeds, ginger, coconut milk and vegetable broth in the blender. I didn’tt measure anything, just threw it all in and blended the heck out of it. So delicious!  My hubster loves soup so I’ll probably serve it to him for a couple days with dinner 😉 You could easily portion it out and freeze it too.

I also made fresh almond milk for the week. One cup of soaked almonds made about four cups of milk. Two cups I bottled plain and two cups I added cinnamon (delicious in coffee!). I used the left over pulp in the topping of my crisp.

I prepped a few things for morning shakes including freezing coffee into ice cubes. Mocha Protein Smoothie anyone? 🙂

Post workout I’ll have buckwheat, blueberry and eggwhite porridge like I’d normally have with oats. It’s basically like an eggy oatmeal to boost the protein content. Sounds weird but it’s great! Very filling and satisfying.

I cooked up a pot of brown rice and a pot of red quinoa. Both of which I soaked ahead of time for added digestibility. Red quinoa is a bit more firm and has a slightly different taste than the white version. I used it in my quinoa tablouleh. I’ll have the tabouleh with chicken that I had marinated in my favourite marinade, lemon, fresh minced garlic, sumac and oregano (plus tad of olive oil if you want it too).

I also made the thai style ground turkey that I am perfecting the recipe on so I can post it for you. I’ll have that in lettuce cups or on rice depending on a low carb or high carb meal. Really yummy!

Other than that I’ve got a steak marinating for tonight and will make a huge salad. I love the pre washed organic mixed greens and spinach for really quick and easy salads every night of the week. No excuses! 😉

As always I love to hear what you are making for the week!

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