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What I Made Sunday July 6th {Meal Prep}

I had some fun in the kitchen today!

I’m still working with my elimination diet protocol to try and determine if I’ve developed any new food sensitivities. I was starting to feel better and added in GF oats as well as organic dairy this past week, Not good! I felt pretty awful and am just starting to recover today. It seems to have been the oats but I’ve decided to cut the dairy out again as well because it’s considered an inflammatory food in general and I want to try and control the inflammation I’m experiencing.  So anyway, because of all that I was inspired to create meals that were going to help heal and support my immune system and digestive health and of course be delicious and satisfying.

For breakfast I made ham and egg bites. These are different then my eggwhite bites and I have to come up with a new name so we aren’t confused when we talk about them! These are more like egg cups and are made with whole eggs. Basically in each muffin tin I place one piece of organic, natural ham and then crack one whole egg into it and bake it. Just like that! Really easy. I prefer not to eat much in the way of processed deli meat but when I do I look for brands with no additives or preservatives and preferably organic and even local if possible. The farmer’s markets in Ottawa right now are great for that!

ham and egg bites

I also made millet grits as a porridge. Similar to steel cut oats but finer. maybe more like cream of wheat. Anyway I’ll have that warm with cinnamon, blueberries and a slash of almond milk.

I pre prepared the ingredients for post workout shakes and this week that includes, cooked sweet potato, banana, kale, vanilla vegan protein powder, cinnamon, ginger, cardamon and nutmeg. I’ll blend this with cold vanilla chi black tea. that I made ahead. Oh Yeah! This is so good! You can even add nut butter if you want the added fats depending on your nutrition needs. So delicious. It’s a like sweet potato pie 🙂

For lunch I made my Mediterranean meatballs. I actually made a double batch so I’ve got some extra for the nights I’m working late. These babies are made with anti inflamatory turmeric to help sooth my system. I’ll have these with brown rice and steamed broccoli.

Mediterranean Meatballs

For mid afternoon I made a really yummy marinated kale and buckwheat salad with chicken. The salad dressing is similar to one I had at Bridgehead and I posted my version on Instagram this week and you can see it there.

Buckwheat, also know as Kasha when its been roasted, ‘s a really great alternate gluten free grain like option that’s high in magnesium and fibre as well as quecitin which is also anti inflammatory and also helps control histamine (what causes allergic reactions).  You just cook it up like rice.

Lastly I made grain free, dairy free and sugar free strawberry shortcakes for a BBQ tonight. OH Boy! I used beautiful organic strawberries mixed with lemon juice, vanilla bean and a touch of stevia. The whipped cream is made with coconut milk and the shortbreads are made with almond flour. Hopefully they are great and I can share the recipe with you.

Speaking of, something I want to get off my chest….

I love helping inspire you to make delicious meals even when on a restricted diet. I truly believe that whether it be competition prep, fat loss or for health reasons we still can enjoy delicious, nourishing meals. Please make, use, tweak, share, and enjoy my recipes as your heart desires. I love, love, love hearing about what you made, what you came up with, how you made it work for you, what you really liked or any feedback really. I love your messages and tags. They make my day every single time. Of course do not feel in anyway obligated to tell me anything but what I will ask is that you do not steal from me. Please do not steal my recipes, ideas and creations and take credit for them, it’s really not good for your Karama. That’s all. Thank you 🙂