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What I Made Sunday March 2nd

And it’s Sunday again! Time flies when I’m in my kitchen 😉

So this week I made quite a few things. I experimented too and had luck on something but not so much on others. My beef tacos turned out great. I posted the recipe and I’m calling them Carnitas in my house – it means ‘little meats’ in Spanish lol. Hubby approved and as Argentine he’s a picky meat guy so must mean they are pretty good.

I had an sorry looking eggplant that needed to be used up so I roasted it with some garlic and then blended it into Babba Ghanoush that I’m thinking with go well with chicken on night this week

I attempted a protein zucchini chia muffin that failed but I’ll try again when I have more zucchini, they were too soggy.

Otherwise for my meals this week I made chipotle & lime chicken that will be good with the quinoa I made and  topped with avocado and cilantro and red pepper. I also made a pot of brown rice and roasted sweet potato slices.

I broiled portobello mushrooms and top sirloin that I then sliced thin and will have with brown  rice and broccoli.

For the mornings I made my usual cheddar spinach egg bites as well as boiled half a dozen eggs and peeled them for easy access. I also made my raspberry oat bars as post morning workout fuel. Oh speaking of which here is the Banana Chocolate Chip Oat Bite recipe!

For dinner tonight I roasted whole chicken that will leave enough leftovers for another night’s dinner this week.  Small things to help save time during the week make all the difference in making healthy choices when you are hungry and in a rush.

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  1. Hey Maddy, I actually learned a lot from reading this. I will for sure follow your tips on preparing things in advance for the week. Great idea!!!! Thank you for sharing, this blog is amazing.

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