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What I Made Sunday Sept 7th {Meal Prep}

Hi beauties!!

I had such a great week away at the cottage with my family. We read, swam, cooked, made fires, napped, played games, ate, drank and laughed. Such a nice summer vacation leaving me relaxed and recharged.

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My sister and I did the meal preparation all week and we ate really well. Lots of fresh fruit, veggies and lean proteins on the BBQ. I made a big version of my egg bites  that I call an egg bake for brekkie one day, veggies scramble another and prOATein pancakes a few others. Maybe I should post a big batch version of that recipe?

This weekend I’m feeling fall-ish. The cool we weather makes me want comfort food or something. I made a huge fitbeautie-fied lasagna using brown rice noodles and extra lean ground beef. I also started a soup by making the stock using leftover chicken carcasses and veggie scraps that I freeze. I really hate to waste and try my best to use all parts of everything we eat.

For the week ahead I made a pot of wild rice and bean pilaff. Roasted a few chipotle spiced chicken breasts and I steamed the purple heirloom beens from my CSA delivery two weeks ago. They start out the darkest purple and end up green when cooked. Pretty neat!

While the oven was on I also threw in a few sweet potatoes for this amazing shepherd’s pie recipe. Instead of boiling the potatoes I’ll just used the baked ones mashed.

I made a batch of fitbeautie approved dark chocolates for my everyday healthy treat. Incorporating coconut oil and raw cacao daily is one of my favourite beauty secrets (well not that secret since I tell you all 😉 )


I attempted an apple, carrot and cranberry bunt breakfast protein loaf that tuned out pretty tasty but the texture isn’t quite right. I’ll have to work on it a bit before I share it with you… but I’ll definitely be eating it hahaha.

this week I’ll be increasing my workouts a bit as well as increasing my calories (for your hormones and metabolism to work best you want to avoid the eat less, exercise more trap) so I’ll be adjusting things a bit. I plan to start my day with Genuine Health’s BCAA’s and then a smoothie post workout. By the way did you sign up for the Tuja Wellness 30 day smoothie challenge? It’s a fun way to get great nutrient dense smoothie meal ideas into your repertoire. My recipe will be featured on day 12! 🙂

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!



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