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What am I up to? :)

I really thought I’d be back to blogging more by now. It’s not that I don’t necessarily have time to blog it’s that I don’t have time of all of the things I have to get done, need to get done and want to get done. That’s not really all that different from life before momlife but what is different is the volume of those things and the time in which to do them

There are way more things I want/need/have to do and way less available focused time. I have had to learn to work in tiny pockets of my life and prune out the extras. My time management skills have always been good and they have gone to next level this past year.

I’ve got lots going on including an additional certification – Postnatal Fitness Specialist – which was an amazing course and I’m so happy to serve so many more women armed with that information.

I’ve also aligned with an AH-Mazing nutritional supplement line and I’m happy to share that with you all too. It’s all natural, artificial sweetener free, colour free, gluten free, dairy free (options) and soy free. It’s safe for pregnant and nursing mamas and approved for athletes in drug tested federations. Super happy with the whole line.

So if you are looking for blog posts, I’m sorry I haven’t been consistent here. I am better at Instagram posts and daily stories. They are easier for me to do on the fly with my baby. I still do plan on coming back to these but in the meantime if you need anything though please reach out directly or find me on the gram ;)!

I miss you!