Work With Me

There are a variety of ways we can work together!

Nutrition Coaching (and optional Training programming)
I offer online nutrition coaching as well as online nutrition and training programs.
These services are reserved for women who are comfortable with weight training and have experience in tracking calories (macros) or are willing to learn.

I specialize in nutrition for fat loss, metabolic rehabilitation (reverse dieting), athletic performance and strength gain as well as holistic pregnancy nutrition (including pre and post), autoimmune and hormonal conditions (Celiac, Thyroid, PCOS etc.), as well as digestive issues, food allergies and intolerances.

I also offer macro (calorie) calculations (rather than ongoing) for those of you who just want to know how mach you should be eating for your goals.

At this time I am not taking on competitors prepping for shows as it’s in conflict with the judging I do. I do however help many retired competitors recover from competition diet.

Contact me here for all nutrition and training and coaching inquires.

Meal Prep Coaching
Are you looking to learn how to meal prep? I offer webinars and group seminars that include how to weigh and measure as well as track macros for your meal prep. Contact me here for the next session date.

I offer consulting in most areas related to healthy lifestyle including nutrition, fitness, holistic health and beauty. We can work together on a consulting basis with regards to your nutrition and training as well as other areas like lifestyle goals, makeup and skincare routine as well as meal planning. Contact me here for consulting fees.

Product or Service Reviews/Giveaways and Blog Post Features
Do you have a product/service or local business that you would like me to review or feature? I’ll review, give my honest feedback and can blog and share on social media. We also love giveaways and discounts for the readers! Contact for media kit. 

Recipe Creation
Do you have a gluten free food product you’d like featured in a custom recipe? Open to suggestions and requests. Email your ideas here.

Lastly, ebook coming soon! Stay tuned

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